Today is that day

There comes a day in every woman’s life that she wakes up and things just aren’t quite….normal. Today is that day and I am that woman. Not that I can say that I lead a normal life anyways but you know, it’s my normal, and I’m quite used to it. This morning started off with Delton (boy aged 8) waking himself up at 6:30 and proceeding to knock on my bedroom door. Ok, not too weird seeing as how he wakes himself up at 7 on the weekends and the knocking on the door is normal for Delton. Knock Knock “Momma” Knock Knock “Momma” Knock Knock “Momma”. I could empathize with Sheldon Cooper’s mother, from “The Big Bang Theory”, if she were in fact real. Anyways, I proceed to follow him in his room listening to his frightening tale of something that scared him that was going “bumpa, bumpa, bumpa, bump” Just as I am about to tell him that it was probably Fadoodle (fancy black cat) that was the cause of the noises, I notice that his toy box is wet. I look up to see that the ceiling is leaking. Great. That was fun to tell Harry (fiancee aged 45) first thing in the morning.
Skip to me in the kitchen making Delton something to eat, and packing the kids’ lunches. Fadoodle is screaming at me and I can only assume he’s hungry because he’s all but standing on his back legs like a human holding his food bowl up to me and looking up at me with Puss in Boots eyes. Ugh, he can be so dramatic this cat. I asked Delton to feed him, and surprisingly he does so without complaint. A few moments later I hear him grunting and groaning so I turned around to see him trying to shove this 15 lb. bag of cat food back under the kitchen sink. He has his back to me, and just as I start to go back to making lunches I hear him say, “Phew, that was harder than trying to shove a dead body under there”. o_O It was this moment that I knew that my youngest child would become either A. A great performance actor, or B. A serial killer. I am leaning toward serial killer just because he laughed afterwards and as an actor I know that I wouldn’t have laughed after a scene where I shove a dead body into a small space. Ah well, you can’t win them all.
Taking Raven (girl aged 12) to school this morning was fun because we had some alone time without all the boys. We are outnumbered in this house and there is always at least 1 penis in close proximity. Wait, that didn’t sound right. Ok I just looked at my shelf and my Mother of the Year award is gone. Crap, why does that always happen to me? Anyways, we had a great discussion about the break ups in school, the fact that she was 1st class popular but believes she is only 2nd class popular now, atheism, and time traveling. It was a very fruitful conversation where I learned that my daughter is open to learning and discussing new things and that makes me happy. Oh, and that she has a need to time travel to see how hot the boys were in the past.
Our normal workout time of 11:30 has been pushed to late afternoon today thanks to the leak in the ceiling. It really sucks and I hate having to get off schedule but that’s the great thing about having a complete home gym, we are able to change the times as the need arises and it’s all right here.
I think I am done blabbing for now, except for you haven’t been introduced to my future stepson Nick (boy aged 12) or Papi (tiny chihuahua). I am off to see how many more things can go differently than normal today, wish me luck!