Hey, hey, hey…..

Look at me all blogging and junk. Yep, just me and my blog. I’m just a regular Bloggy McBloggerton. Ok, so I guess I will briefly (in Amanda time) give you a rundown of the who, what, when, and where that is me. Yes, I realize there is an about page on my blog. No I don’t feel like putting this information there. Hello? Did you read the title of my blog? You say tomato. Which means I will always say tomata.
The who: Me, Amanda, Mandy, Mom, Delton’s Mom, Raven’s Mom, Nick’s Future Stepmom, Harry’s Fiancee, Hottie, MILF.
The What: The planning of my wedding, our Paleo lifestyle, my life with OCD, our fitness adventures, my acting career, our new business, my writing, and a whole lot of parenting.
The When: Anytime the mood strikes me.
The Where: In the car, at my desk, on the couch, in the backyard. Oh, wait where am I blogging? Ohhhhh…….I guess all of those can apply to my blogging too.
I had a million things to blog about that happened today but I am extremely exhausted. Besides, I know my idiot children are bound to do something hilarious tonight that will make my blog much more….muchier when I write it in the morning.


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